Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am thankful....

During this month of thanksgiving I would like to write daily what I am thankful for. I should do this more often than once a year. We had an "I am thankful" board in kinder all year round. It was a neat opportunity for the kids to see that "being thankful" wasn't just for the month of November. Here it goes!
I am thankful for....
1- the good Lord above for all of my blessings but today specifically for insurance and vaccines to help keep my baby healthy
2-a husband that enjoys coming home to play with his son even after a pressing day at work and school
3-Grandma Byrd for sending Graham new clothes ALL the time
4-my baby that wakes up so sweet from his nap and smiles at his mommy when I go get him from his crib
5-sounds silly, but for my remote start on my Tahoe. Putting my little guy into a warm car in this cold state is such a good feeling!
6-Friends. Brooke and Tripp are having Thanksgiving with her huge family today and invited us over. Great to spend with our best friends family when we can't be with our own.
7-Kind people. These ladies stopped me at kohls the other day before I got baby, stroller, etc. out in the cold to tell me kohls power was out. They didn't want me to get the baby out and walk up there in the cold. See!? There are nice people in NY....just not a lot of them:)
8-to my husband that I'm a stay at home mom....yup, I said it. The weather was cold/sleeting Monday morning. It sure was nice to be able to stay in bed and snuggle up with the little guy
9-that my husband isn't a picky eater and doesn't expect a ravishing dinner when he gets home. So, grilled cheese and tomato soup it is :)
10-that my husband was just granted a 96 hour personal military holiday starting tomorrow. Now we get to head to Newport R.I. early to start our vaca with the besties/work for the guys. I enjoy military life....most of the time :)
11-our veterans. Never thought Wags would be back in the Navy but so proud of him. Proud to know that he will be serving our country as a Navy doctor soon. I thank God for my Navy boy daily. Thank you to all our servicr men/women fighting by choice for our freedom daily and to those who have paid the ultimate price. What a great country we live in. Go Navy!

12-my parents. What a great example they have set for me and continue to do so. They would give me the world if they could and as a mom now, I am able to understand unconditional love
13-a flexible baby. Graham is now on his 4 state to visit, about to be 5. Some babies haven't even left their house by his age, much less state. Might as well start him early if he's going to fit in with this crew :)
14-old and new friends. Wags is so good at staying in touch with people so being in Rhode Island this week has given him the chance to see old friends and now new friends for me
15-memories. Almost 8 yrs ago Michael lived up here in Newport and I came to visit a couple of times when we dated. We have had the best time walking down memory lane and at the same time creating new memories with our new guy. I wouldve never thought I would be back here again with him. Funny where life takes you...

16-health. I went for the longest run since Graham was born and can barely get out of bed. :) However, I thank God that I am healthy and able to exercise while there are so many that are not. Seems selfish not to take advantage of something so simple and easy
17-Home Sweet New York. I can hardly call this place "home" just yet, but either way, it's good to be back in our house after a long, wonderful trip to Rhode Island. Now here's to getting this baby back on a regular sleep schedule again :)
18 to 25- so I had friend come from Texas for Thanksgiving Break and kinda dropped the ball on my posts. So to sum it up, this is what I am very thankful for. A true gift from God and he's all mine!!!

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  1. 5- I am thankful for mouthwash
    "It just makes your mouth so clean and tingly!"
    I will neeeevveerrrr forget that! Best placemat EVER! We made ours today...I'll let you know if any can top THAT!

  2. I am thankful for new friends that so quickly becomefamily, and you have to wonder how you made it this long without them in your life! I love you Lindsay!!!! Michael and Graham to! ;)