Thursday, October 21, 2010

Story Time!

Fortunately, Graham loves story time like I hoped he would! Bless his heart, he is kind of a student some days for his mom who misses her job desperately! And, just like me he is a BIG Dr. Seuss you can tell! He was so funny when I read this book that I ended up reading it 5 times in a row. I tried another book and he acted bored but as soon as I read this one again, he started smiling and talking! Please excuse us, we were NOT camera ready that day, but I just had to share anyway!


  1. this is so sweet lindsay. that is without a doubt one of my fav things as a mom..reading stories! and i can never feel guilty about buying books, right? he is precious. glad your loving mommyhood! its the b-e-s-t. xoxo,eb.

  2. Thanks for the updates...finally! This entry made me a little teary eyed :( we miss you SO much! PS-alex just caught me stalking your blog! HAHA!