Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day, Wagoner style

Just a little throwback Valentine picture. Valentines 2003, Newport Rhode Island...yes that is fur...

Being a teacher, I've always loved celebrating Valentines Day at school with my kiddos, but never really got excited about it otherwise. I'm not going to lie it's a really cool feeling when that classroom door opens and the secretary is standing there with flowers for ME! However, I quickly regret dropping the massive hints to Michael when I see the amount he spent debit our checking account. My opinion, what a waste of money on something I feel like I "forced" my husband into buying. There's no "love" in that!?
So therefore, except for celebrating with our own kids one day, I've made the executive decision to stop wasting money on a hallmark holiday!!
So here is how we "celebrated", Wagoner style.
Now that we have a house, I (you're not going to believe this), prefer eating at home versus a restaurant. This will prob change when the weather improves and patios open again, but for now, were homebodies :)
Michael came home early and brought my forever favorite, Olive Garden home for dinner along with a bottle of my favorite wine, a beautiful petite rose bush and a card for me..and for Graham. Too cute! That made my week right there!
After an early dinner we went on a walk. Came home to bathe, feed and put the big guy to bed. To finish off the perfect night, Michael took a night off from studying, we folded laundry together, wrote down some goals and....watched the Bachelor!! He told me, "he was only watching because it was Valentines Day." :)
So to me, this was the perfect day. Call me crazy, but I'm so glad he didn't go spend tons of money that today I regret and wish we could spend that $ elsewhere. Thanks babe for the perfect day!! Everyday is Vday with you sucka!

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