Sunday, July 17, 2011

9 months

Eating-chicken quesadillas, turkey melts, chicken spaghetti, cheddar/swiss cheese, macaroni, pancakes, small vegetables instead of mushy now and fruits.

Sleeping-same, sleeping champ!

Talking-he now says "DAD" when Michael goes to get him in the morning. I love listening to this over the monitor every morning

Stats- no well check this month, but he's still very fluffy and looks like he has rubber bands around his wrists and rolls on his knee caps :)

Milestones- we have a CRAWLER ladies and gentlemen!! He is soo busy and all over the place. I hate having hardwood floors right now..lots of head bumping. He pulls up on anything he can and is breathing so heavy because he is playing so hard. Also, clapping and laughing at things without us trying to make him laugh. The cat jumps off the couch and he is hysterical! He also laughs when you laugh and then everyone gets the giggles! We hear him laughing in the car at his Leap Frog video now which is too cute!!

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