Tuesday, August 2, 2011

10 months

Eating: Everything from 9 months, plus waffles, pancakes, strawberries, toast, etc, etc. He eats what we eat except with real meat instead of vegetarian meat

Sleeping: like a teenage boy. He goes to bed around 8 and lately has been getting up around 9:45

Talking: mama, DAD referring to us now, and full on conversations now. Right now he is looking at his books, flipping pages and jabbering like he is reading.

Stats: I'd say around 23 pounds and I'm not sure on height. Just my guess since we don't go to doc until his 1st Bday.

Milestones: now pulls up on everything, walks along couch and with me holding his hand, dances constantly. His favorite place to dance is at our new restaurant that we go to by boat. They play lots of reggae and he jams out in his highchair. He also is a HUGE flirt. I catch him checking out chicks on the train, at restaurants, grocery store, you name it! He is all about the ladies! This kid has such a funny disposition. He went through a very clingy phase (Lord help me), but this seems to be fading..
Graham loves to play Patty Cake and chase with Dad, give high fives and lots of kisses.

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