Wednesday, August 10, 2011

11 months

So much for getting a nice "posed" picture anymore!!! You get what you get with this guy!!

Eating: anything and everything he can get his hands on. He had steak quesadillas at a restaurant for the first time and loved them. He's not big on eating his veggies whole yet, so were still eating jarred veggies. His favorite fruit is strawberries..he eats at least 4 a meal

Sleeping: more 10am (darn) wakeup, but I'll take 8. He still takes two, 2 hour naps and sometimes 3 naps on a good day!

Talking: DAD, mama and CAAAT when he sees the cat of course!
He sings a lot in a really high pitched voice..pretty darn funny!

Stats: he's taking steps along the couch, from toy to toy holding on and today he let go and walked 3 steps to me!! Graham gives high five, claps constantly, and one of my favorites is after he drinks his milk he says "aaaaaaah", its so refreshing I guess!
Another favorite is when I tell him "No", he shakes his head no at me...cute now, maybe not forever though!

This blog is pretty boring because I am about neck deep in Birthday/Texas visitor prep....amongst our everyday "boring" life....Ha!

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