Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hurricane Irene 2011

So here is our version of Hurricane Irene.
First off, we are safe, healthy with a roof over our head so we feel very blessed.
Friday in Long Beach they issued a mandatory evacuation. So we made reservations at the Army Lodge up in West Point. Then, after going back and forth, talking to our neighbors, we decided to stay. We basically live on the top floor of our house, which always seemed weird to me, but now I am so grateful!!
So we rode it out and of course the storm died down tremendously unlike the negative news reports.
We had some friends over Saturday night for a mini hurricane party and stayed up watching the storm roll in. I convinced Mike, (at midnight), to move the king size mattress into the living room because we have a huge tree right beside our bedroom window, that I was concerned could fall...he was pretty thrilled about this. :)
So, I didn't sleep much because I watched the baby monitor/weather channel app all night.
I woke up to Mike coming back in the front door saying "babe, you gotta see this," in a very unfamiliar voice...
That would bring us to the first 3 pictures...unlike anything I've ever seen before. It was like walking outside and the ocean starting at the first step of our stairs..there was nothing separating the water.
Then, he took me downstairs..now I know why the unfamiliar voice.. :)
As I came down the stairs I saw water standing about 2 feet..so we waded through to see the damage, many tears at this point!! :)
We lost lots of things and have lots and lots of things having to be replaced such as hardwood floors, AC units and washer/dryer to name a few!!!
We got everything washed and put up for "show", for my Texas family to arrive 3 days later..it's been a whirlwind, but we are happy, healthy and grateful! We lost AC but thankful we never lost power upstairs..
Mom, Dad, Clint and Ashton were very sweet and understanding about the musty smell, air mattresses and mattress on the floor!! Ha! All we can do is laugh at this point!!!
Anywho, life is good, a little hectic and never a dull moment these days.
Praise the Lord we do NOT own this house, have great renters insurance and will be headed back to Texas in 3 months or so...

Birthday Party updates to come!

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  1. Oh, Lindsay. I am so sorry to hear and see this. It is wonderful that you are all safe, but I am sure it must be devastating. Just be patient as it will probably take a while to get everything back to normal. We live in Nashville and had friends and family affected by the flood in May 2010. It took some time to get back to normal and we lost mostly things of sentimental value we had stored, but the important thing is everyone is healthy and safe.
    Also, lucky girl to be going back to Texas! I wish I could talk my husband into moving there! I miss family more than ever. Things change so much having a little one. (And by the way, your little guy is ADORABLE!)
    Good luck in the upcoming days!