Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blog??? Oh ya, I forgot I had that thing!

To say I've been a bit preoccupied with everything, is an understatement. I debated on getting rid of this blog all together, but then I thought of my sweet Aunt Dwinna out in Vegas that keeps up with all of our madness via blog. At any rate, the last time I blogged was Graham's 1st could say a lot has happened since then. Which now makes me realize why I haven't blogged......I can't have a glass of wine (or two), when I'm blogging because obviously I'm pregnant again. I figure since I won't be pregnant in a month, then the blogging might begin again.....since I can drink that glass of wine that slows me down enough to stop and type. Anywho, back to the past oh, 8 months. I'm pregnant with our second baby boy, Clint has a precious baby boy named Kolton and we live in TEXAS again!!! We even bought a house this time so this must mean were staying for a while. Even though I am SO grateful to be back in this beautiful state, I miss New York daily, like you can't imagine. Did I just type that!?! Yes, I miss that place so much this time of year and the great New Yorker friends I made while spending such a short time there. Thank the GOOD LORD,  Audra, (neighbor turned best friend for life), is coming to visit and meet the new guy in June! Holy french onion dip :), I thought I'd NEVER get her here....especially in the middle of a Texas summer!

So, were back. Normally I post from my phone but tonight I'm on the computer so no pictures. I will try to post some Easter pictures tomorrow Aunt Dwinna!

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  1. Can't believe I'm just now reading this! I forgot about your blog (as well as my own) for a while! I know you miss New York and Audra a ton, but you better give me at least another year here! :) Then I'll have enough money saved up when y'all get ready to move again! You know I'm always up for a visit anywhere :) And you better get Audra down here for a visit- I feel like we need to meet :)