Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Supposedly, Long Island never gets this much snow...go figure. However, It is absolutely gorgeous and something I have never experienced in my life so I'm glad I had a chance to see it. But now it's time for it to go! I was telling my friend Audra, (the native New Yorker),
that February is when we start prepping for bikini season in Texas, (tanning, finishing touches on the physique, routine pedicures again)....she just laughed. I guess that means I have a few more months in the gym at least.
We've experienced 3 big snowstorms so far with more to come this week! If you can imagine, Graham and I don't get out much. Its really not that bad though. We try to get out to the mall once a week just to walk around and get out of the house. And if it's not too cold, we run our usual errands to the grocery store, kohls, target blockbuster, etc. Most of the time we just walk (sprint), down to Audra's house to have a little playtime with Graham's boy Harry and mommy time with Audra.
It's really different how they handle snow here though. The snow plows come through and pile all the snow up from a parking lot, for instance, at the end of the lot. So therefore there are mounds of snow near 12 ft tall just piled around everywhere.

Something else we don't see down south is snow on the beach.

A little strange to me, but purely amazing when I saw it for the first time. Soon after this pic was taken, I was running back to the truck as fast as I could and Wags thought it would be so funny to push me down. It was pretty funny after I wiped all the snow off of me and dug the sand out from under my fingernails. Strange combo!
I hope you enjoy the pics of this winter wonderland we call home right now....and feel free to come see it for yourself...I'm pretty much due for another visitor!

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