Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Uggs and scarves are sooo in right now

Maybe so in some states but they're a way of life up here. I was always that girl that would never buy Uggs because that's what everyone was wearing at school with tshirts and dresses, whether it was a tiny bit cool or 80 degrees outside. Now, I don't step foot outside without my Uggs on. Thank you Shannon for getting me these for Christmas so I would stay warm up here. :) Because they have done just that. Kept me warm, my feet and jeans dry and kept me from slipping, (holding a heavy baby), down my death trap front porch stairs. Uggs are no longer a trend to me, they are a necessity. You know I have to have a pic!!

Scarves. Now this is one that I was guilty of wearing as an accessory...quickly changed to a necessity. Never understood the point of a scarf but always thought they looked so darn cute, kind of like a good pair of earrings or sunglasses. Now I get it. Again, I don't go anywhere without a scarf either. Not wrapped loosely with a cute tshirt either. I'm talking, wrapped as many times around my neck and as high as that sucker will go.
Oh the good life. Now I understand why Brooke asked me if I had "real, not cutesy" winter wear before the bitter cold arrived...guess what? I didn't!

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  1. I knew you would give in eventually- even if it was just to stay warm:)