Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend Ski Trip

I think I might have left the house to go workout once or twice last week and that's it.. So needless to say when the weekend came, I was pretty ready to go somewhere. I had picked up our local "Nassau Parenting" flyer last week and found a lot of little ski slopes within 2 hours of our house. Who knew!?
There just so happened to be slopes right near West Point Academy so we were able to get a room there for a really good price. Saturday we scoped out the skiing, (and shopping), situation, drove around West Point and walked over to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We turned in pretty early to get the little guy to bed and watch a movie overlooking the frozen Hudson River. Amazing view.

Sunday morning Wags was ready to go!! I of course, did not go snowboarding because of obvious little reasons. :) However, if I ever get up the nerve to leave Graham with a stranger, this place provides childcare for 6 months or older. Pretty neat I thought. Conveniently, there was an outlet mall 10 minutes from the slopes. Who knew!? Target, Kohls and Walmart were also right there too!! Graham and I went to Walmart just to walk around because there are no Walmart's on the island. Oh the things that excite me these days!
Anywho, we had such a great time getting away, just the three of us. A much needed weekend away while on our 2 year extended vacation in New York! It's like a vacation within a vacation!!

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