Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snowflake Run and Polar Bear Plunge

To end a very cold, holed up week, Wags and I enjoyed an eventful weekend of running and jumping in the freezing cold ocean.
I woke up Saturday morning and headed out to do a 4 mile snowflake run. Haven't ran more than a 5k in my life. I decided this year, to help expedite the pre-baby body, that I would sign up for any local run. So, I saw this one and even though it was raining/freezing out and I had two cute boys I had to leave cozy in bed, I headed out and I did it!!

Woohoo, 1/2 marathon here I come!! Well, not training for that just yet but I will one day! Maybe this summer? It definitely can't be in the dead of winter in Alaska, I mean, New York.
Super Bowl Sunday in Long Beach not only means football, food and beer, it also means swimsuits!
Wags decided to take the plunge this year. Nope, we know he already took that plunge, but this time he took the Polar Bear Plunge. Thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS, gather every year in their skivies to jump into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean. Someone had to watch Graham during the plunge so I took one for the team and volunteered for this job. :)
The plunge is a fundraiser for "Make A Wish" foundation. I always appreciate this foundation and what they do for families since having a student/close family friend, who "made a wish" before he came to Kindergarten. He has been cancer free for years now and loving life as a sweet little boy should. :)
We didn't get many pics but here are a few from the plunge.

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